Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's Health Care like in Canada?

Click here to find out by listening to my conversation with two Canadians!

If we listen to the Republicans, we'd all believe that in Canada, people wait forever to see their doctors and the system is a mess. But I know better than to believe everything they tell me, so I set out to find some regular Canadian folks and ask them myself!

So, last night on my Air America Radio show, I was joined by two Canadians. Laura Madison lives way north, not too far from Winnipeg, where she works as a criminologist. Andy Krieger lives in Vancouver, British Columbia where the weather is much nicer, and he teaches people how to speak without foreign accents (check out his website here!)

Listen to the hour we spent together last night. I think--especially if you listen to the critics on the right-- you'll be pleasantly surprised at the care they receive, and you'll be shocked when you hear what they pay for it, and when you hear their reactions to what we have to go through to get health care in the US.

Tonight, in the midnight hour ET, we'll listen back to some of President Obama's Town Hall Meeting on Health Care that will air live this evening from the White House on ABC-TV.

I'll start the show with an interview with Ryan Grim of Huffington Post, whose new book "This is Your Country on Drugs: The Secret History of Getting High in America" was just released yesterday.

And we'll talk to my favorite activist, David Swanson (,, about the Torture Accountability Rallies planned all over the country for tomorrow.