Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bittersweet Symphony Victory

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I didn't want to let go of the euphoria of the victory yesterday, though I think I did make reference to the bittersweet element embedded in the day at one point in yesterday's program. Today I go into full detail on the bittersweet nature of the day, and the hypocrisy of organized religion.

I'm in Florida, I still consider California home, and oddly enough, my boyfriend is in Arizona right now visiting his son who attends his alma mater of the University of Arizona. Taking a cue from Keith Olbermann, I'll call these the three worst states in the union today.

I came across this picture on Facebook today, and it applies to all three....

I'm not as cynical as this post makes it appear. Click here to see an awesome display of newspaper headlines from yesterday! You can't help but feel good after checking this out.

Hear today's Radio or Not by clicking here (runtime 23:52)


John said...

Nicole, from what I understand is that the Black Baptist churches were against gay marriage. Being that the Black Vote had record numbers is another reason why the gay marriage did not pass. So the way I look at it, it was a double edged sword. We got Obama as president but the gays suffered. Yes, I agree not fair. Thanks for informing us about the Mormon part.

You mentioned that the churches were political and if so should be taxed. I think they should be taxed. Not like a business or a non/not for profit. Something regarding there income and what they spend to help the community. Pat Robertson started CBN and then sold it to News Corp (FOX). So under the religious (not for profit umbrella) Pat created a large cable network and sold it to FOX at a huge profit. WTF. Years of tax free broadcasting from donations and THEY sell to a business at a large profit. I know churches do go for the community but there should be a separate tax for them. CBN should have paid and paid big. I don’t want to bash churches but there are some that abuse the status. Look at the guy in Dallas (sorry can’t remember the name) but he bought an area and has books on the NY Times best seller list.

To move on, I am white from the Midwest raised Catholic but left the church years ago but I well up like an old black man when I see Obama as president elect. I really believe he will again make this the UNITED STATES of AMERICA again. The last eight years will be our NAZI past. I hate red states and blue states can’t we just be people that want to be happy regards of ideologies? My philosophy of life is do what you want to do as long as you don’t infringe on my happiness and never hurt anyone’s right to be happy.