Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My week on Air America continues

Click here to hear Naomi Klein on the Radio or Not podcast (runtime 14:43)

It's now Wednesday morning, and I'm putting together the lineup for tonight's show.

I meant to come home and write last night, but I was exhausted by the time I got home. Thankfully, there were no technical problems, and I had a great time talking about a topic that I'm obviously quite passionate about-- radio and media in general.

The calls were great, and it was heartening to hear from some old listeners from LA from my days at KLOS and the Mark & Brian Show. What's really amazing is the fact that I left KLOS in July of 1994! Fifteen years ago!

And when I got home, I received some emails from listeners of the station I went to when I left KLOS-- KSCA, which was a one of a kind station.

In fact, I started the Radio or Not podcast to give new life to some of the artist interviews I did at KSCA... the first Los Angeles radio appearance by Dave Matthews was the first podcast I put up on the site. If you go over to the left and go back through the archives, you can still download it and listen. There are a bunch of other gems too: Ray Davies, Jackson Browne, Steely Dan, Ben Folds Five and more. (I just made it easier by linking to the audio files too)

At least some of the LA radio audience who may have found me again thanks to KTLK carrying the Rachel Maddow and Ron Reagan Shows will get a nice audio trip down memory lane!

Tonight, we'll deal with the bailout. I spoke with Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine, this past weekend at the Miami Book Fair. I've had the pleasure of interviewing her a few times before, and on this occasion, we spoke about how her book is playing out in real time now with the economic crisis we're living. I'm going to use some of the interview tonight, but will post the whole, albeit short, interview here this afternoon as today's Radio or Not podcast.

To the new visitors to the site, thanks for checking it out. I hope you'll come back regularly, even after my fill-in stint at Air America ends.

Click here to hear Naomi Klein on the Radio or Not podcast (runtime 14:43)


elkojohn said...

Excellent interview highlighting the Democratic complicity in the current problems starting under Clinton & then giving Bush just about everything he wanted for the last 2-years-- including the Corporate Welfare Bail-Out. Money runs the show in Congress, which means the Big-Money Profiteers plus the Democratic Party's ''Fear Syndrome'' do not bode well for Obama's Change Ideology & those who believed in it.