Monday, November 03, 2008

The Day Before Election Day!

We're actually just 24 hours away from election day. As the song goes, it's been a long time coming!

I'm sitting in the 850 WFTL studio, in my role as "election contributor from the left" on a show hosted by Russ Morley, a right-winger who admits he's a "political neophyte."

So, today's line-up of guests include a few that I would not waste time on... but I'm just along for the ride. So, I'll just keep adding to this post as the morning goes on. At least I can vent here!

The first guest is coming up is listed on the show rundown sheet as "FBI Informant" Larry Grathwohl, to talk about William Ayers. Why this is an issue today is beyond me. In case you'd like to read the real facts about Ayers, his association with Obama, and what it means in today's world, click here for's look at the non-issue.

Wow! The interview just concluded. The guest had no credentials-- he even took offense to my question about what he does now or why he's all of a sudden coming forth with this new bombshell that Barack Obama and William Ayers at one time had offices in the same building! Seriously? This is what they have? Why is this even worth 30 seconds of airtime?

At the conclusion of the interview, Russ's exact quote to me was "You are incredibly rude Lady, I gotta tell you something." If questioning a guest about his credentials and challenging his erroneous statements makes me rude, then I guess I am.

So, for the rest of the morning, if Russ wants to talk about the candidates' plans for turning the economy around, ending the war in Iraq, what they'll do in Afghanistan, health care, education, or any other issue that has any importance in our lives, I'm there. Otherwise, I'll do as the host of the show wants and keep quiet.

I just get so frustrated by the inane level of discourse. And there's more coming up. The next guest that Russ has booked is the British columnist that Jon Voight quoted at the end of our interview with him last week, Melanie Phillips. She writes for the Spectator, and after reading the column "The Politics of Mass Hysteria," I can only conclude that she's the UK's equivalent of Ann Coulter. Good thing she can't vote in our election.

This is going to be a long morning....

Ok, let me add a little levity to the proceedings. Gotta love those Canadian DJs... they punked Sarah Palin!