Friday, November 14, 2008

Tom Hayden visits Radio or Not

Click here to hear today's Radio or Not interview with Tom Hayden (runtime 30:18)

Activist, California legislator, war protestor, child of the 60's, the former husband of Jane Fonda.. the list goes on of ways I could describe Tom Hayden. He'll be in Miami on Sunday, speaking and reading at the Miami International Book Fair (3pm in Room 3208 if you plan on going).

His latest book is actually a collection of his works from the past 50 years, Writings for a Democratic Society: The Tom Hayden Reader. And it's fascinating, especially when you read his writings from the 60's, when he was embroiled in the anti-war movement, and in fighting for the rights of blacks in the South.

I had the opportunity to speak with him by phone today from his home in Los Angeles, for use on my podcast and on Air America next week. On Radio or Not, you get the whole, unedited interview.

As I was getting ready for the day today, I flipped on Good Morning America, because I heard that they had an interview with William Ayers. I asked Tom Hayden about it, as they were "radical anti-war protesters" together. He hadn't seen the interview, but did tell me that he's known Bill Ayers for 45 years, so didn't need to see the interview.

I was going to include some of the audio in today's show, but I figured my interview with Hayden was enough, and that I'd just post the video from the GMA-Ayers interview here.

I hope you enjoy both... and have a great weekend!

(And don't forget to listen to Air America next week from 6-9pm Eastern, as I'll be guest-hosting the Rachel Maddow and Ron Reagan shows!)

Click here to hear today's Radio or Not interview with Tom Hayden (runtime 30:18)


elkojohn said...

I am a 61-yo Vietnam Vet (21-months of combat, 2-tours). When I came home (1971) I didn't tell anyone I was a veteran of Vietnam until 1982. But when I came home, I was grateful to the anti-war protesters for their part in bringing the war to an end. I was grateful to Nixon for turning the fighting over to the RVNs. I was extremely angry at the Congress for cutting off funding to the RVN, because that meant many Vietnamese & Montagnard People, who helped and supported the American troops, were slaughtered. During our latest wars for foreign intervention & threats toward ''evil'' countries, I have noticed an absence of anti-war protest leaders like Tom Hayden, Jane Fonda, the Berrigan brothers, Joan Baez, etc. So like Tom, I am concerned there will be no pressure on Obama to fight a corrupt Congress (both Dems. & Repubs.) & the rich and powerful special interest groups who seem to get their way with our gov't. But let's keep faith for now.