Monday, November 24, 2008

The World Isn't Fair

Hear my interview with David Swanson about what we can do to hold Bush & Co accountable for their crimes by clicking here. (Runtime 26:28)

That's the title of a Randy Newman song. I didn't actually produce an episode of Radio or Not today, or I would have used that as the musical intro. Instead, please enjoy a video of Randy performing the whole thing....

Ah yes, this song works on so many levels... as do most Randy Newman songs. But the title swam through my mind yesterday as I was trying to calm my 9-year old daughter down after we found that the rear window of our car had been smashed, and my purse stolen.

We were celebrating our "Forever Day." Yesterday was the 8th anniversary of the day a judge in Kazakhstan officially approved our adoption, making me Alison's mother! It's our most special day of the year.

Alison has long fought learning how to ride a bicycle. But she was ready yesterday. We bought her a new bike as a "Forever Day" gift, and went to a local park to get her going. As I knew I'd never be further than a few yards from the car, I just left my purse inside. I should have known better!

Alison was doing great on the bike, and she rode down the straightaway and rounded the corner, and I ran after her. We were out of the car's sight for no longer than three minutes.... long enough for some lowlife piece of shit to smash the window and take my purse-- complete with all my credit cards, driver's license, $100 cash, social security cards (I knew these shouldn't be in my wallet, but you never think it'll happen to you!), my checkbooks, and my brand new G1 cell phone!

As a friend posted on my facebook page, "That Sucks!"

So, today will be spent doing pre-emptive damage control on my and my daughter's credit, canceling every account I have, getting new cards, and replacing the window on my car.

Oh yeah, we were supposed to go see "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" following the bicycle lesson. Unfortunately, the time spent filling out a police report, and the fact that I had no cash for parking on top of it made us miss the show... Another hundred bucks spent for the tickets down the drain.

So, no, the world isn't fair. And a group of the biggest thieves to ever steal from the country just might get away with all their crimes.

I am talking about the Bush Crime Family. The first time I heard Mike Malloy refer to them as such I laughed. But it's certainly not funny.

When I filled in for Rachel Maddow and Ron Reagan on Air America last week, I spoke with David Swanson of about how we can hold these crooks accountable. So, I thought I'd share that portion of the show with you today on Radio or Not.

I have to get on the phone now. Thanks for listening!

Hear my interview with David Swanson about what we can do to hold Bush & Co accountable for their crimes by clicking here. (Runtime 26:28)


elkojohn said...

You did a great job last week.
I don't have any faith in the Democratic Party
and its leadership & committee chairs
to do anything but try to win elections.
There are only a handful of Dems who stand
on principle,
and look what they did to Dennis K when he
tried to run for President.
Keeping Reid & Pelosi in charge of Congress
doesn't bode well for ''Change.''
If Obama tries to change the Democratic Party
from political to principled, that will be his
greatest challenge.

Aaron said...

I wanted to say you did a great job filling in for Rachel last week. Normally when someone fills in for her, I stop listening to the podcast that day but I thought you did a great job and had some very interesting guests. Do you ever do guest appearances on other podcasts? I have a show and would love to have you on some time. You can hear my show at The last two shows were a bit off my normal topic, but still very personal shows for me to do. Again, great job and I'd love to have you on some time if you'd like to come on the show.

NDHS Dons Soccer Supporters said...

Sorry to read that tale Nicole. Hope the cleanup isn't as big a headache as it sometimes is. So aggrivating.