Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rachel's back, but I still have one more show to do for Ron!

What a blast I've been having on Air America this week! Rachel Maddow returned from the cruise in time to do the first hour of her show today, but I got to take over for hour two.

I started the show with an interview I did with Scott McClellan (click on the link to hear the interview) on Saturday at the Miami Book Fair, and was then joined by David Swanson to talk about what can be done to make sure George Bush and company don't get away with the crimes they've perpetrated on the American people-- and the world -- for the last 8 years.

David Swanson, a co-founder of as well as, has been one of the biggest and best advocates for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney.

During my conversation with David Swanson, I referenced a piece written by Sen. Russ Feingold, entitled An unpardonable use of power. It's a must-read.

One key passage reads "There is nothing to prevent President Bush from using the pardon in such a short-sighted and self-serving manner -- except, perhaps, public pressure that may itself be a window on the judgment of history. Everyone who can exert that pressure, from members of Congress to the press and the public, should express their views on whether it would be appropriate for President Bush to use his pardon power in this way."

To that end, I suggest that everyone go to and make your voice heard. President-elect Obama is asking for our input; let's give it to him!

On tonight's Ron Reagan show, I interviewed Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I've known Debbie for a few years now, and do admire her. Although she and I have often butted heads on the impeachment issue -- she sits on the House Judiciary Committee, but has towed Nancy Pelosi's line on this issue -- we've agreed to disagree. We spoke about what to do about the auto industry, the new Obama administration and the cabinet he's assembling, her efforts in helping the Democrats pick up more seats, and I shamelessly asked if she had any spare inauguration tickets. You can hear that interview here:

I spent the rest of the hour taking calls from listeners all over the country. That's something I've really missed. I enjoy doing the podcast, but the one element that's missing is the ability to take calls from people in real time... And the Air America callers have been thoughtful and interesting.

As I was getting ready to wrap things up for the night, Richard Greene, the host of "Clout" - the show that follow's Ron Reagan's - asked if I'd like to hang out for a while on the air with him. I wound up spending the whole hour with him.

I really don't want this week to end. I'm having a blast!


NDHS Dons Soccer Supporters said...

I hope your Air America time doesn't end either. I've enjoyed listening to you fill-in for Dr. Maddow the past three nights (sorry, I didn't hear Monday night's truncated show). You bring a nice conversational interview style and an obvious passion to the airwaves.

It would be great to hear you on a regular basis on AAR, whether as the prime replacement host, weekend show host, or if they could just squeeze you into the current lineup somehow. I'll try to navigate the AAR website to let them know but that's easier said than done.

One last thing, great to hear that you're a Bruce & Elvis fan. Two questions, which Bruce song is your Desert Island song and will we hear "Red Shoes" as a bumper on Friday? Oh, and does Graham Parker make your list of faves?

Trying to be amused,

RadioOrNot said...


Thanks for the kind compliment. I truly appreciate it. Thanks for the offer to contact Air America to let them know you liked what you heard. I've had others ask how to email and let them know, and I haven't been able to find an address for comments, but did find this on the "Contact" page.

GENERAL COMMENTS · Phone: 212-871-8290 (comments only—not for customer support)

As for which Bruce song would be my desert island... hmmm.. Thunder Road is certainly one of the best songs ever written, but if I only had one, I might want one that's longer and has more changes in it... Since they run together on the album, Incident on 57th Street into Rosalita (can that count as one?) would keep me happy for a while, and satisfy two moods!

The music is played from NY, but perhaps we can get Red Shoes tonight for you. And I love Graham Parker... His rendition of "I Want You Back" (yes, the Jackson Five song) is classic, Temporary Beauty is an amazing song, and the whole of The Mona Lisa's Sister album is pretty great too, as are most of his earlier works. I had the opportunity to interview him once at KSCA, and he was funny and a nice guy.

Are you also a Joe Jackson fan? He's in the same class in my book... Just saw him wrap up his tour here in Miami, and he was as brilliant as he's been the dozen or so times I've seen him through the years.

You're in Chicago... you must listen to WXRT, yes?

NDHS Dons Soccer Supporters said...

A phone call to AAR it will be! Guess they don't want to be swamped by emails.

Good point about the length of the Desert Island song and you can't go wrong with either of yor choices. Me? I cheat. I'd take one song (Thunder Road) with various styles represented. Joan Walsh's favorite "Wings for Wheels" version, the album track, the sparse piano version circa 10/75 (that's the first song I heard at my first Bruce concert), the raveup concert version '78-'81, and of course the haunting Russert Tribute version. Greedy aren't I?

So correct about Parker's Motown covers, especially those J5 songs - what treats! Perhaps some day you can interview Parker again. Since he's been tucked away in upstate NY, he's put out some great albums over the past few years. He's been quite political in his recent work and would be great for you to draw on his past to present work in such a discussion.

I enjoyed Jackson's early work but have since lost touch. I'll have to watch for his next go round. Thanks for the tip.

Yes. 'XRT back in the day. Now, too many commercials, to narrow a playlist/artist list. It's not a horrible station now but compared to the glory days, well, I just can't listen to it anymore. Your discussion earlier this week was spot on.

Enjoy the weekend! JT

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole:

I lived vicariously through your broadcast(s) this I also lost my full time gig as an on air personality back in February. I got REALLY excited toward the beginning of the week as you began to discuss how President Clinton screwed up our beloved industry back in '96. I actually sat at of the edge of my seat, waiting to hear more realness about how the radio industry is a freakin' mess...but I think you got sidetracked somewhere along the way by discussion of the Palin quagmire.

I'm a mess Nicole. I have over 10 years of experience in radio having done every shift in New York, Los Angeles & Chicago (with a few other markets in between) and I cannot find work ANYWHERE. I mean, it's really, really bad. I recently applied for a BOARD OP job and not even HE would call me back. I literally went from making $140,000 a year to NO INCOME at all. I have a child...and we have no health insurance.

So, I said all of that to say that we are >>>>>HERE<<<<<. I'm sure you consider yourself blessed to have been able to sit in for Rachel this week..but at the same time, I'm sure you would appreciate a shot at a full time gig. You did a fantastic job this week...and I hope and pray that AAR will make some room for you. You deserve it.

Good Luck!