Thursday, November 13, 2008

Palin Can't Let Go

Hear today's Radio or Not episode by clicking here (runtime 38:50)

Radio or Not comes to you from Miami Florida. I tell you this only because the Republican Governors Association is meeting here, and that means that Sarah Palin is in town. Sarah Palin, who just won't go away!

During the couple of months between when she was named John McCain's running mate and last week when they thankfully lost the election, Palin only did a handful of interviews, and held not one single press conference. Unheard of for a Vice Presidential candidates. Now we can't get her to shut up.

I started the show today with Lucinda Williams' magnificent Can't Let Go in Palin's honor.

Today, at the RGA gathering, it was widely hyped that the Governor of Alaska would be giving her first press conference. So, I watched with recorder rolling, figuring that something of substance might come from this woman. Boy was I wrong.

I reached out to a dear friend who always has an interesting and funny way of looking at women in history. So today I bring you a conversation with Amy Simon, who has the distinction of doing LA's longest-running one-woman show, Cheerios in my Underwear, and her take on the phenomena that is Sarah Palin.

I also stop down in the middle of it to share the audio of the press conference. But you can hear it, sans my comments, here. Notice the suit, which is obviously from the consignment collection!

Hear today's Radio or Not episode by clicking here (runtime 38:50)


John said...

Uhmmm Nicole you didn't point out the Joe the Plumber comment. Do you think that Sarah and Joe the Plummer were having an an affair and he hasn't called since the election?

On Wen Nov 12 the Pipefitters Union announced that Gov Palin is their new Patrion Saint. They are giving a 25% discount to anyone that voted for the saints ticket on Nov 4.