Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The 111th Congress Convenes, and More...

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It's a busy day in the neighborhood. The 111th Congress convened today, and Dick Cheney swore in the new and re-elected Senators. Well, except for two... Roland Buriss wasn't allowed in, showing that Harry Reid is a joke. And Al Franken didn't even attempt to enter the Senate today as, per our expectations, Norm Coleman filed a lawsuit today contesting the results of the recount. With any luck, Minnesota will have a second senator by the end of February!

Today was a stream of consciousness-type day on Radio or Not.

Tomorrow morning, I hope to speak with a man named Uri Avnery. If you scroll down a couple of days, you'll find an article of his that was reprinted in The Nation magazine last week entitled "A Memo to Obama". In it, he gives our President-elect some great advice on how to fix the Israel-Gaza mess.

I tried to get him on Air America last week when I filled in for Ron Kuby. That didn't work, but hopefully we'll hook up tomorrow, and you'll hear it here on Radio or Not.

Click here for today's show (runtime 12:44)


elkojohn said...

(2-cents worth from elkojohn:)

Single Moms Rule . . .

Mr.O gets an ''A'' for Panetta . . .
(elkojohn hopes to see more of the same)

At least Diane took a smart pill considering
the Burris appointment; maybe she can pass
one along to Reid . . .

Don't think Coleman has a chance, so i hope
the neoCons spend a lot of their money on
on lawyer fees -- read somewhere he could be
seated as a ''provisional Senator'' until the
courts do their thing . . .

Keep on the Sunny Side of the Street ;-)

elkojohn said...

the SPLC said they would send
their response to me via snail mail.
stay tuned.