Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Yes we did! We survived eight years of George W. Bush, we elected Barack Obama as our 44th President, and we saw him swear his oath of office today.

It's a beautiful day.

I spent the day reflecting on what it means to me, to my family, to us as a nation, and to the world. And it's all so much better than it was just 24 hours ago.

It was an overwhelming day. Ironically, the inauguration of No Drama Obama was truly dramatic, with Sen. Ted Kennedy's scare making to more so. Happily, it turned out ok, and we're able to celebrate with complete abandon tonight.

I've been absorbing the events of the day, and editing President Obama's speech. I will put them all together into a show for tomorrow-- the day the real work begins.

For today though, savor the moment, the feeling, the happiness, the relief and the rest of the mountain of emotions you're probably experiencing today.

If you didn't get to see the inauguration, watch it here....

And we'll talk tomorrow... Radio or Not!


John said...

We survived eight years of George W. Bush? Not everyone did. Some lost their lives in a war that should have never happened. People lost their retirement, savings, jobs and homes. Historical businesses went bankrupt and others are on the brink.

Today though we have hope. It was truely a great day. The new president sent the divider back to Texas with his tail between his legs. I really believe at some point George really relized what a failure he was, though he will never admitt it.

This is a new nation as of noon EST Jan 20, 2009. A nation that is united, full of hope and believes in itself. A nation that the people that founders would be proud of.