Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Seven More Days

Ahh, we're in the final week of the Bush years.

Today on Radio or Not, I discuss the Bush legacy with Dr. Walter Brasch, a university professor of journalism and mass communications, and author of a biweekly syndicated newspaper column. Dr. Brasch is also the author of dozens of magazine articles, several multimedia productions, and has worked in the film industry and as a copy writer and political consultant. He is the author 14 books, most of them focusing upon the fusion of historical and contemporary social issues, including his newest one, Sinking the Ship of States: The Presidency of George W. Bush.

It's amazing... Just when we thought we had heard the last of W with yesterday's magnificent (on so many levels) press conference, we now learn that we'll be subjected to yet one more farewell appearance in the form of a prime-time TV speech Thursday night.

Interesting how the announcement came just hours after his final presser, a performance widely dissected and ridiculed. I'm guessing his handlers pointed out, as delicately as possible I'm sure, how he might not want that to be his final presidential appearance, since he appeared decidedly UNpresidential.

So, I'm guessing, Thursday night's speech will be written for Mr. Bush by someone who actually has a command of the English language and in it he will appear much less cocksure, snarky and self-righteous, and a bit more... um... presidential. In other words, it'll be pretty boring and unevenful.

But it will be his goodbye and to that I say Good Riddance!

A couple of quick programming notes: Last night, I appeared on Talk Radio One with my friend Marc Germain. His show is streamed live nightly from 8-10 pm Pacific/ 11p-1a Eastern, and is always available for podcasting after. We spoke about yesterday's press conference and lots of other stories that have consumed us in recent days.

And this Saturday from 10:30-noon, I'll be filling in for Stacey Ritter on 850 WFTL here in South Florida, as Stacey heads up to DC for the inauguration. Listen the old-fashioned over the air way, or streaming at www.850wftl.com.

Hear today's Radio or Not episode here (runtime 27:55)


elkojohn said...

well Nicole,
you did great as an interviewee!

Saw a tender interview with Helen Thomas on Democracy Now. She gave a gentle critique of Mr. O, the media & our congress people. Sad but true, sad but true.