Monday, January 19, 2009

Inaguration Eve on Air America

I just finished guest hosting Doing Time with Ron Kuby on Air America Radio. I got to do a bit of everything today... I said goodbye and good riddance to W with my A to Z production of his Bushisms. I got to talk to people in and around Washington DC to get a feel for what they're experiencing including Air America's David Bender and Ira Mellman. And Democracy for America Miami president Wendy Sejour checked in while trying to buy an "I Was There" button.

I got to speak with Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery who's lived in Israel since 1933, before it was Israel, who fought for the country's birth and has fought for peace there ever since. He pleaded for President Obama to do something to insure that there is peace in that region... and he even put forth a plan detailing how that can be accomplished. Read it here.

I got to speak with David Swanson, who's at the forefront of activism during the inaugural festivities. He'll have a prime viewing spot for the parade tomorrow, right in front of the FBI building, where their permit allows for 3000 people to join him. The only ticket needed for admission is a sign that screams "Arrest Bush".

The feeling I'm picking up from almost everyone I encounter is great hope and optimism.

Tomorrow is the day that we start our new beginning. We'll enter a new era, and I'm feeling profound happiness, even in a time of great uncertainty.

Part of me didn't believe we'd have an election on Nov. 4. And an even bigger part of me didn't believe Barack Obama could win.

I've always been a pretty skeptical person, but of late I've embraced my inner optimist. And only truly wonderful things have been happening.

So today, on the verge of tomorrow's new beginning, I know it's going to be a very tough road. I also promise that I'll speak up and speak out loudly when I see wrongs being committed. But I hope we can all join together to support our new president and keep the hope we're all feeling now alive.

I'll post a Radio or Not program tomorrow, but it'll likely come late in the day-- after I've had a chance to absorb the swearing in, the parade and some of the festivities.

***I promised to give you the link to an article I referenced on the show about a new study into prejudice that found homophobic attitudes are more common than racism. Read it here.

Happy Inauguration Day!