Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No show today :(

I got a bit carried away on the production end! I'm working on a fitting farewell to the guy who took this country down over the past eight years. Yes, I'm assembling a collection of Bushism's, but I want to do it in a unique way.

I could do my usual musical montage thing, and that will be part of it. But, as I come from a background of creative music radio, I thought I might incorporate the A-Z countdown as a way to listen back to some of the best of the worst (president of all time).

So, Bushisms A-Z is coming soon... It's taking some time, so it may not appear until Monday. Actually, I'll be filling in for Ron Kuby Monday on Air America radio again (3-6 pm Eastern), so perhaps it'll get played here and there...

I will have another edition of Radio or Not for you tomorrow. Sorry about today...