Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Walmart redux, and the Economic Stimulus Bill

Today's podcast at Radio or Not starts with a follow-up to last night's blog entry about Walmart and their exclusive deals to release albums. Whenever I talk about Walmart, emotions tend to run high, as is evidenced by the first comment under yesterday's blog.

Let me point you toward a website that backs up the problems with Walmart. Visit and read up on their practices. Then, if in your heart you still feel that you want to give them your business, go for it. I can't.

Today I also reached out to an old friend. Jim Bliekamp does radio reports for the Wall Street Journal, so if you're a news/talk radio listener, you've likely heard him. He works the graveyard shift, and when I hosted mornings in Miami was a frequent guest of mine in the 6am hour. He'd just be wrapping up his day as I was starting mine, and we'd discuss what was happening in the news.

Jim is no stranger to Radio or Not, as he often posts on the message board under the name "Jersey Jim". I hope to have him guest blogging in the main section here at Radio or Not in the near future. But today, we spoke about President Obama's stimulus bill that should be before the House today, and let the conversation progress from there...

Hear today's Radio or Not podcast by clicking here (runtime 46:19)


elkojohn said...

Good discussion with Jim Bliekamp. He made an important point that the root of our problem is ''THE CONSUMER EMPIRE'' -- which everyone has been so thrilled about since the 80's. Spend, borrow, spend, borrow, spend. Consumer Debt, Wall Street Debt, Gov't. Debt -- have brought down the House of Consumerism. BUT, the politicians and big money profiteers won't quit trying to jump start the CS again. It won't work. Eventually we will have to get off the BINGE SPENDING ECONOMY . . . or the Empire will fall. Remember to keep a few Maple Leaf coins stashed away just in case :)