Friday, January 16, 2009

George W. Bush -- A to Z

If you're a regular Radio or Not listener, you know that I came from a music radio background. In fact, at my favorite radio station of all time, KSCA, we did an early "A to Z" in which we played a couple of thousand songs over a three week period in alphabetical order.

Now stations do it all the time, but back in 1994, it was pretty groundbreaking stuff.

This week, as I tried to figure out a fitting way to say goodbye to W, I though that listening back to his infamous Bushisms A to Z might be the way to go. I'm sure lots of people will be playing some of them back, but I wanted to do it in a unique way...

It was time-consuming, but I think worth the trouble.

I'll probably have to shorten it a bit to play on Air America Monday when I fill in for Ron Kuby, so here's the only place you'll get the full impact...

GWB A to Z. Enjoy!

Click here to listen (runtime 16:38)


John said...

God the man is dumb and an ass. What stuck for me was the woman was working 3 jobs and Bush thought that was great. No one wants to work 1 let alone 3.

elkojohn said...

good grief Charlie Brown,
how did he get into Yale & Harvard ??
what kind of country
& political system
could put this ''A-Z'' guy
in charge of the 'Merikan Empire ??
(oh the 8-yr. pain)

well Nicole, besides striking fear
into the hearts of conservatives
(as the ''Fem.Liberal'')
you have convinced me to take a
deep breath & give Mr. O a chance
to do his job.
If he can overcome the Reid/Pelosi
Dem.Party & the Repub.Filibusters
i will send him a campaign contribution
for his 2012 re-election.