Thursday, January 08, 2009

Time for an Amrican Recovery and Reinvestment Plan!

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I promise you that I'm not a cheerleader for Obama. I have no doubt that he'll do things that I vehemently disagree with and, when he does, you'll hear about them here.

But today, I was extremely impressed with his speech. It was billed as a "major speech on the economy" and so I sat here watching it with tape rolling. I had intended to pull some clips from it to play for you today, but was so impressed by the whole thing that I decided to run the entire speech.

In about 15 minutes, the President-elect spelled out the enormity of the situation and, although he didn't give out the nuts and bolts, he made it quite clear that he intended to create new jobs by rebuilding our infrastructure, school and health care system, and creating a green energy system.

I know that many RoN listeners are at work at 11:15am, when the speech began. So, I figured including it in today's show would enable you to hear the whole thing, which is worth listening to!

At the end of the speech, I spoke with Harvey Wasserman, longime anti-nuclear activist and author of Solartopia, who has a piece today on entitled Obama's stimulus money must NOT be wasted on nuke reactors.

Hear today's show by clicking here (runtime 47:02)


kaylum said...

I certainly don't envy Obama for inheriting this mess; here's hoping politicians (and the rest of us) can overcome our cynicism long enough to work together and give him a chance!