Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The View and Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann was on The View yesterday. I have a couple of observations.

He looks like he's a grown-up at a little girls tea party (by size only).

And, I wish I hadn't heard this part, he doesn't vote!?!!?? I'm disillusioned.


John said...

Huh. Never voted. Was that true or was it Keith just stiring it up? Needs some investgation. I am dumbfounded if it is true.

Jodi said...

A certain percentage of journalists do not vote. It's not an unheard of philosophy. I've been reading about it and it's apparently one of the most talked about dilemmas among political journalists. As Keith stated on The View, it's a "symbolic gesture" to objectivity. I know a lot of people would say he is not objective, but I've seen him tell it like it is no matter what side of fence people are on. I think the "right" leaning members of our government and media have just been doing and saying a lot more stupid/scary/horrible things for him to point out.

John said...

Never thought of Keith as a journalist. He's the guy from Sports Center that turned to rippen on GW. It's nice to see him and Dan Patrick on Football Night in America. I am a big Keith fan but what if NY came down to 1 vote and McCain was president? We would have to blame Keith. Hey my best friend from childhood has never voted but he deals craps and BJ. Nicole would you try to get Keith on when you fill in for Rach. Let me know I wil call in with Fantasy Football questions. LOL, but I will.