Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dress Like Sarah Palin!

It's an interesting little game. Click here to play.

What's truly amazing is that Cindy McCain's convention outfit cost $300,000. More than double what was spent for Sarah's wardrobe. Somehow, that little fact is never mentioned.


John said...

Well Cindy is rich her family owns an Anheuser Busch distributorship. $300,000 dress I am guessing Cindy was buying off the rack. Cindy is filthy rich. So if Cindy wanted to she could have bought John 30 mins of airtime on the same networks as Obama but she hasn't. The woman is worth over $100 million. Sarah a small fish in a small pond is making a combined income of $250,000 with the first dude. To sum it up A-B = $$$$$$$ and gov of Alaska = poor .