Friday, October 17, 2008

Today's the Day!!

I have the great honor and privilege to guest host the Thom Hartmann Show today on Air America radio. The show airs live on many stations around the country from noon-3 eastern, 9am-noon pacific. To find the station near you, visit If you're in South Florida, I'll be on my old station, 940 WINZ, actually brodcasting from my old studio!

I'll be speaking with Melissa Etheridge, investigative journalist Greg Palast, one of America's best Supervisors of Elections, Ion Sancho (from Leon County FL) about the documentary Stealing America: Vote by Vote by Vote, in which he is prominently featured. I'll also continue my quest to get ultra conservative, NewsMax columnist and former Congressman from Long Island, John LeBoutillier, to vote for Obama /Biden on (or before) Nov. 4. And perhaps a surprise or two.... and hopefully you on the phones.

The number to call in is 866-303-2270.

Although I won't have a regular episode of Radio or Not today, I will certainly put together some of the highlights for a special edition sometime this weekend!

Thanks for all the very kind comments since I sent out the reminder yesterday. I hope to have some more good news in the next day or so, so keep an eye out for another email from me soon!

Talk to you in a few hours on the radio...


Paull said...
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Chris Vacano said...

Nicole, great job today! I agree with John LeBoutillier: we need you to have a daily, nationally syndicated show. I hope Mark Greene or the folks at Jones or NovaM have the presence of mind to bring you a good offer.