Thursday, October 30, 2008

I voted, but missed another Obama rally!

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I did get to vote yesterday! And it felt great to fill in that little bubble for Obama/Biden and put it through the optical scanner. Unfortunately here in Florida, though we now officialy have a paper trail, there's no mechanism on these machines to verify that they read your ballot correctly. And, given the track record, I have a hard time just trusting the technology.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens Tuesday night when the results start pouring in. When I interviewed John Kerry last week and asked the question about the advice he gave Obama, I was trying to find out about any counsel he gave on not conceding too early, but Kerry wanted none of that. I got the impression, however, that we were on the same wavelength. Again, we'll have to wait and see....

After voting yesterday, I came home to take a nap so that I'd be well rested enough to enjoy the rally with Obama and Biden and the Bank Atlantic Center here in Ft. Lauderdale. Unfortunately, my car had a different idea when it wouldn't budge out of park after stopping to get gas on my way to pick my daughter up from school to go to the rally! By the time my boyfriend got Alison from school and AAA arrived to show me the trick that'll always get your car out of or in to gear, and we were able to get up to the BAC, it was so jam packed we couldn't get near the place.

So, we went to a lovely dinner, and back to his house in time to watch the infomercial (which I thought was beautifully done) and the live cutaway to the rally at which we, had it not been for my car, would have been!

But I was feeling very good anyway, as I voted earlier! And I had my Obama Girl button, complete with my "I Voted" sticker affixed to it attached to my shirt when I arrived at the WFTL studios this morning.

It was a busy day on the air, and thus this is a jam-packed podcast. On today's show you'll hear our interviews with DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen, Republican incumbent Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart from Florida's 25th Congressional District, followed by his challenger Joe Garcia; Ben Graber, the NPA candidate challenging Robert Wexler called in today after hearing both of his opponents yesterday; and we also heard from incumbent State Representative Ellyn Bogdanoff (who's also representing Jewish Women for McCain) and her challenger for the seat from District 91, Chris Chiari.

It's now off to bed, as tomorrow's another busy day. Aside from the WFTL Morning Show, it's Halloween, and I get to take pictures at my daughter's 4th grade class party and, of course, go trick or treating tomorrow night.

Please remember to join me Saturday from noon-3pm, as I host a live pre-election show on 850 WFTL. It'll be me and you and some guests... so please listen and call in to 877-850-8585.

Click here to listen to today's Radio or Not (runtime 43:03)