Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I went to see Barack yesterday, and all I got was an Obama air freshener!

I kid you not. I'll even post a picture of it later today!

Barack and Michelle Obama appeared at a rally in Miami's Bicentennial Park yesterday afternoon. I wanted my daughter to be there so she could be part of history and be able to tell her grandchildren about it one day.

She still has a story to tell, but not about seeing the Obamas. We did have a great adventure, though. We rode Miami-Dade Transit, opting not to drive and deal with traffic and parking. Probably my first mistake, as public transportation in South Florida is nothing like NYC...

When we finally arrived at Bicentennial Park, we couldn't get in. And we weren't alone. There were thousands in our situation, wanting in, but left outside. Note to the Obama campaign: Have some speakers set up outside the gates so those like us could at least hear what he had to say!

I spoke with a lot of people who were there to roll out the South Florida welcome mat, and will share some of the sound on today's podcast, which I promise is coming!

I'm finally feeling a little better, and getting somewhat used to waking up at 4am again (ok, not really on the 4am thing, but I'm trying to talk myself into it!)... so I will be producing a podcast most weekdays. Thanks for your patience!

By the way, I've gotten a few requests from South Florida listeners to delve into the amendments that are on our ballots. As early voting began Monday, now's the time. So, we'll get an overview this morning from the Sun Sentinel's Michael Mayo... He'll be live on 850 WFTL with us at 8:12 this morning, and I'll add the interview to today's podcast as well.