Thursday, October 16, 2008

Today's show coming soon...

It's crazy busy here at the Radio or Not headquarters, and it's all good. So much to share with you soon... Today's show will be a look and listen back to some of the highlights of last night's final debate. There were some pee in your pants moments that were tailor made for SNL. In fact, I certainly think we'll see the question about how each candidate's choice for VP potentially becoming President as fodder for another Tina Fey portrayal of Caribou Barbie. At least I hope so.

And there's the chance we'll see Sarah Palin herself, you betcha!

I'm waiting for a call from Melissa Etheridge, with whom I'll be taping an interview for tomorrow's show (I am guest hosting the Thom Hartmann program on Air America radio, in case I haven't mentioned it often enough...)

So, thanks for bearing with me as I enter into an unbelievably exciting time. Details on the next big thing coming soon....