Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Little Head"- dedicated to Tim Mahoney

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What is the deal with male politicians? Why can't they keep their pants zipped up?

I've just gotten to the point where I've stopped getting angry when I think of John Edwards, and this moron from Palm Beach shows that he too thinks with the wrong head.

Don't get me wrong. I'm about as far from prudish as one can be. I don't give a damn what people do in their private lives. But the lives of elected officials, and especially those running for office, are not private. They are public by definition.

And if one aspires to become their party's representative, they must realize the inherent responsibility therein.

So, Tim Mahoney gets my "Little Head" dedication. ("Little Head," by the way, is the name of a song from the album of the same name by one of America's best living songwriters, John Hiatt. Although this is not my favorite John Hiatt song, it perfectly fits this situation!)

Read the coverage of Mahoney's appearance before the press today, with his wife by his side, here. And if you really want to hear the recording of the phone call that ABC played yesterday to unleash this firestorm, you can do so here.

Today I salute CNN's Campbell Brown, whose commentary last night sounded a lot like what I said here yesterday. But it bears repeating...

And I'll leave you today with the newest video from Brave New Films about the way the McCain camp is inciting violence. Watch it and pass it on...

Listen to today's Radio or Not episode by clicking here (run time 32:12)


Michael said...

Nicole I agree. I don't know about this Tim Mahoney (D) character and the $121,000 he can afford to give away to someone he hooked up with but in the case of John Edwards (D) he sits and babbles about how he can support gays but couldn't accept calling their union marriage because of some moral high ground. On and on about how we are less in his eyes for something I couldn't control and his effort to stop a church from making my union as spiritual and sound as the next couple.

It is the ones like Bob Allen (R) that did't want gays to adopt and supported a bill to make what he did in the bathroom a felony, it is Mark Foley (R) that got online and targeted people he could apply his influence to support or harm their future perceived or real, Ed Schrock (R) congressman from Virginia that sponsered DOMA and yet now I have to wonder how many sailors got kicked out of the Navy under his command for not performing special duties for the Captain. We know he had many removed for beig gay he should have looked them up rather than call a male escort service. Larry Craig, how could it be this hater of gays with his voting and bashing, caught with his pants down after the years of rumors of his activities in train station bathrooms and it was just a misunderstanding he can't be gay huh. Ted Haggert: enough said and then poor young Glenn Murphy, Jr the National Chairman of the Young Republicans that had been taught all his life that what he is makes him so disgusting he can't stand himself. It didn't stop the lust and desire where he kept waking up with a buddies whatevers in his mouth huh.

A sad lot and the worst part is they all survived and got cured and saved and whatever it was that got them back to making cash off of us. It will never give me back my loss in benefits and the things I could have left my partner if I had been equal and moral like those that worked with me.