Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh what a Monday!

Filling in for Thom Hartmann was such a high on Friday. But by Friday night, those familiar and unwelcome flu-ish feelings began appearing.

And they just seemed to take over my being this weekend!

I've been feeling really lousy today too, but trying to get better, as I begin an election season stint tomorrow morning at NewsTalk 850 WFTL!

The people at WFTL realize how important this election is, and we're two short weeks away. So, over the next two weeks, we'll offer in-depth coverage of all the aspects of this histric moment in time.

I'll be adding my opinions to the WFTL Morning Show with Russ Morley, and news anchors Michael Woulfe and Ken Pauli. And I hope you'll participate as well. The call-in number is 877-850-8585.

If you're out of the area, of course you can stream the programming at

Management at WFTL has made it clear that this election coverage is important. So, there may be other opportunities for more in-depth conversation as well. As of right now, it looks like I'll host a show on Saturday Nov. 1 from noon-3pm. And if there's something we just need to keep the dialog open on, perhaps we can even extend the conversation past 9am on a morning or two.

I hope you'll join me over at 850 WFTL!

Today, flu and all, after a morning meeting over at the WFTL studios, I headed over to Las Olas where Hillary Clinton joined Congressmen Robert Wexler and Alcee Hastings, and two of our future Congressmen (knock on wood) Joe Garcia and Raul Martinez.

I'll have some audio from Hillary's speech tomorrow morning on WFTL, and here on the podcast as well. For right now though, I'm going to drink some tea with echinacea and take more of these nasty tasting herbal remedies that my very thoughtful and loving boyfriend brought over last night (along with chicken soup -- how lucky am I?), and knock this flu out of my system. We have a busy couple of weeks ahead!

Talk to you tomorrow morning on the radio!