Wednesday, October 01, 2008

No show today...

Ok, I obviously never got a show online today. But it was a busy day nonetheless!

Yes, I got a nap, but I have a feeling I'll be hitting the hay early tonight, as I still haven't caught up from last night.

I also got a new computer! I figured that I needed speed, memory and hard drive capacity that my old workhorse just didn't have. With the stuttering and hang-ups from the old machine, it probably took me 3 times longer to produce each episode than it will with the new one. So, beginning tomorrow, hopefully you'll hear a difference! At least I'll feel a difference.

Michael Moore did what he promised yesterday, and came up with a really common sense solution that would probably serve our elected officials well, if they were to read it. You can read it here.

The Senate is about to vote on their bailout... um, rescue bill. Sorry. It's a bailout. And the more I know about it, the more against it I am! We'll see what happens, and we'll go over it tomorrow.

I also have a bit of good news to share with you on tomorrow's so... so I'll talk to you then.


auerbob said...

You got an on air gig. NPR is better than Imus, but too sterile. Not local focused enough!

John said...

WIOD to replace that fool Todd Schnitt? I dought IOD because of there right wing slant but a boy can dream.

RadioOrNot said...

Neither one... but if you're reading here, you'll get an early heads-up. I'll be filling in for Thom Hartmann on Air America on Friday October 17! So, please be listening!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Nicole! I listen to Thom Hartmann everyday, so that is a nice oppty for you to get national exposure.

Take that WINZ 940!