Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sarah Palin- Unbelievable!

Hear today's edition of Radio or Not by clicking here (runtime 18:43)

Since the one and only debate between the Vice Presidential candidates will happen tonight, I thought we'd use today's Radio or Not episode to listen back to some of Sarah Palin's greatest hits. So, I assembled some of her best quotes, with the help of EMF's "Unbelievable". I hope you'll listen and share it with your friends.

Now, keep in mind that just because she's shown utter stupidity in the past, that doesn't necessarily mean she'll bomb tonight. Rachel Maddow last night spoke with the moderator from one of her Alaksa Gubernatorial debates, and he said that she's very skilled at skirting the actual issues, but coming up with zingers that the audience loves. And the Huffington Post today has a piece, along with some video, with a similar warning here.

Last night, the Senate overwhelmingly passed the Bailout Bill (sorry, I refuse to use their "rescue" vernacular), by a vote of 74-25. The biggest surprise for me was that one of my Florida Senators, a heretofore useless backbencher named Bill Nelson actually voted against it! For this man to stand up to party leadership is a shocker!

We'll see what happens when the House takes it up again tomorrow, especially since the Senate loaded it up with so much pork to make it more palatable for some of the Senators who otherwise would have voted against it. I just don't understand how John McCain could have voted for such an earmark-laden piece of legislation! Didn't he say that he'd "make them famous" of those who supported pork projects?

I told you last night that I had some good news to share today. On October 17, I'll be guest hosting The Thom Hartmann Show on Air America! I hope you'll listen and let your friends know that I'll be back on your radio that day...

Hear today's edition of Radio or Not by clicking here (runtime 18:43)


MikeEmm said...

Congrats on getting in with Thom's show and doing the show on the 17th. looking forward to hearing you live again.

Yes I too was shocked to see Bill Nelson stand up against this bill. I would love to know his reasons maybe this is a hook for you to get him on soon?

Mike in Ft Lauderdale

Lil said...

Hey Nicole! Congrats on the job. Hopefully it will translate into full time somewhere down the road. What time are you going to be on the air? The Air America site says he's got shows at 3 am (yikes!) and noon. Are you doing both?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Nobody cares about your daughter's stupid hamster or your AWOL babysitter either.

auerbob said...

Ignore the anonymous TROLL inputs. Just be yourself. Congrats on the gig.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

According to some my fellow "anonymous" posters, Nicole isn't that smart, reads from a script, umms and ugghs too much (and does have the habit of saying aye ya yia a bit too much). So, if she's such a poor radio host, why are you making the extra effort to find her blog and listen to her podcasts? Hmmm??? You even take the time to memorize information about the hamster and babysitter.

Seems to me that despite your comments, you are addicted to Nicole's style of broadcasting (like me). Nichole is not perfect, she's a fallible person like all of us, but she does have strong opinions and that is why I believe that you continue to listen.

I for one wish her the best and hope that she finds a job soon. She'll do well in whatever endeavor that she undertakes and I too look forward to listening to her on 10/17.

Good luck Nicole and don't let your "fans" get you down.

Jorge in Miami

Anonymous said...
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RadioOrNot said...

think I'm going to make some changes here where you'll have to log in to post a comment. I have no problem with intelligent discourse, but anonymous posts just saying what an awful host I am, and speculating on why I was let go from WINZ (with no basis in fact) have no place here, and will be deleted.