Thursday, October 16, 2008

The final debate of the 2008 Presidential Election

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Sorry for the late arrival of today's show, but it's been on crazy morning... and afternoon! I'm preparing to guest host the Thom Hartmann Show tomorrow, and working on a few things for the future (that hopefully I'll be able to share with you shortly), so I kept getting interrupted while working on this episode of Radio or Not.

Today, I share with you some of the highs and lows from last night's debate, the final one of this election. As I said earlier, there was one question asked by Bob Schieffer that is a prime candidate for satirization this Saturday night.

On Tuesday, I quoted a line from one of my all-time favorite movies, Blazing Saddles. Today, I can share with you the two scenes from which that line came. And I put it out there again today and ask why those who are so afraid of Barack Obama don't just come out and say what they really mean!

Now that I got that out of my system... Just in case you didn't get to see the debate, here's the last time Barack Obama and John McCain will speak... until one of them calls the other to concede the election.

By the way, if you were playing the "My Friends" drinking game, you were sober by the end of the night. But if you realized early on, as some did, that you could substitute "Joe the Plumber" for "My Friends," you're suffering from a mighty hangover today.

Well, it turns out that Joe the Plumber is actually a relative of Charles Keating of, yes, Keating Five fame. Extra, Extra... read all about it here!

And finally, on today's show, I mentioned an article that appears in the current issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Make-Believe Maverick, by Tim Dickinson. It is must reading. You can fulfill that obligation by clicking on the link!

And finally, I will be filling in for Thom Hartmann tomorrow on Air America Radio. The show airs live in Miami from noon-3 on 940 WINZ, and streams at the same time at I hope you'll listen and participate too!

Hear today's episode of Radio or Not by clicking here (runtime 36:34)


solidsnake said...

NICOLE!!!! I had no idea you had this blog and just learned about it after I made a post on the Randi Rhodes message board about you filling in for Thom Hartman tomorrow. I am in heaven now!!! lol. I have missed you sooo much dear lady, there has been a void in my life since they dumped you for that &%#@*^# Imus. I am very confident that doing the Hartmann show will open new doors for you that you so very much deserve. Love ya!!


John said...


On a positive quote from the movie.

Lili von Schtupp: "Is it true how zey say zat you people are... gifted?"............"Oh. It's twue. It's twue. It's twue, it's twue!"