Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Health Care, Movies and More Sotomayor!

That's the lineup for tonight on Nic@Night... the Air America show I host weeknights from 11pm-1am ET. Catch it live tonight, streaming here.

We'll kick off the show tonight with an update from Doug Kendall of the Constitutional Accountability Center. Doug's been liveblogging the hearings for Huffington Post, and joining me every night to recap the excitement (or not) of the day. An interesting item from today is that Senator Al Franken, in his first week on the job, is getting rave reviews for his first round questions today!

In the second hour, we'll lighten things up a bit with a visit from Claudia Puig, film critic for USA Today. It's a big week at the movies... I'll ask her if we can only see one movie this weekend, should we go for Bruno or the new Harrry Potter film?

And in the last half-hour, I'll be joined by Congressman John Dingell of Michigan, who's held that seat for 28 terms! He's the Chairman Emeritus of the Energy & Commerce Committee, which yesterday gave us the new "America's Affordable Health Choices Act" - HR 3200.

We'll talk about what the bill does, doesn't do, and the chances that it will pass...

Tomorrow, join me at a special time, from noon-3 ET, as I'll be filling in for Thom Hartmann on his national program. Check for stations, or to listen live online!