Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tuesday night on Air America Radio

I'm very late posting this update on tonight's show, as I actually went out this evening. Just to show you the things we do for love, I accompanied my boyfriend to see the Average White Band at the Hard Rock Live.

He wanted to go so, even though I'm a music snob, I went... and got home just in time to go on the air.

I'll post all the links and show information tomorrow, but I did want to post this information about the Free Gaza relief boat carrying former Congresswoman and Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney, and 20 others, that was apprehended by the Israeli Navy.

Read the Green Party's press release here and visit for more information.


Anonymous said...

This story of the boat hijacking has impact beyond the situation itself. Has the growing embrace for empire thrown all the international agreements and laws in the trash heap?

This is an act of piracy which no nation has condemned and no network covered in any detail.

With days of "media coverage" of the so-called Somali pirates whose intent many believe was mainly to prevent "big" nations from dumping their hazardous waste in their fishing waters, here we have an act of piracy on the high seas by ... the Israeli Navy.

Where is the mainstream news coverage today?? A Nobel peace prize winner and a former US presidential candidate and congresswoman were kidnapped -- not merely 'intercepted' -- along with others in international waters trying to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Can that happen with no one even watching, no one caring? Yet what millionaire baseball players put or not in their bloodstream is object of scrutiny by Congress and media.

Is anyone yet sick of how manipulated our "news" is in the US and how much our vision of the world and events is distorted to meet the needs of an over-arching corporate agenda? An agenda that tells us (not asks us) how much poison will be in our water, air and food, whether or not people will have health insurance and what kind, & so on, ad infinitum.