Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hump Night... It's Free!

I figured that would get your attention!

No, I'm not abandoning my crusade on health care, but we will take a bit of a detour tonight on Air America radio from 11pm-1am ET.

We'll talk about Free. Entering the NY Times bestseller list at #12 on Sunday in its first week of eligibility, Free: The Future of a Radical Price, was written by Chris Anderson, who also happens to be Editor in Chief of Wired magazine. (In keeping with the theme and message of the book, the link I provided is to the free version offered at Google Books!)

Chris's theory is that as bandwidth, storage and processing becomes increasingly cheaper, every business that goes digital will eventually become free. More and more businesses will use free as a means to make more money! It's a fascinating concept that he spells out with lots of examples in the book.

Chris will join me at about 11:15 tonight. I'll follow up that conversation with a guy who'll argue that these things we're currently enjoying for free should come with a price tag!

Ron Stone is president of Gold Mountain Entertainment, and manages some of the music industry's best artists. He was front and center in fighting Napster during the early days of internet music piracy, and he remains an outspoken critic of file sharing and disseminating copyrighted materials online. He'll join us at the top of the midnight (ET) hour, to refute Chris Anderson's claims.

We'll bookend the show tonight with info and interviews about health care reform.
At the beginning of the show, I'll be joined by Katie Robbins, a national coordinator at Healthcare-Now, who helped to put together tomorrow's huge rally in Washington DC, on the 44th anniversary of Medicare, where speakers and attendees will demand Medicare for All!

We'll end the show with Congressman Eric Massa of Western NY state. I first heard of him last night from John Nichols, who said I'd enjoy speaking with him. You'll find out that's true if you listen tonight... Eric Massa will join me in the last segment of tonight's show, talking about all the reasons why we need a single payer health policy in the US!

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