Thursday, July 16, 2009

Whew! That Was Fun!

I just finished three hours guest-hosting the Thom Hartmann Program. What a treat that was! Great callers, and some emotional topics.

Healthcare was the biggest issue today. Just as we were going on the air, I got word that Congressman Dennis Kucinich would be introducing an amendment to the House Health Care Bill that would let individual states create single-payer healthcare systems even if Congress fails to create a nationwide single-payer system.

Congressman Kucinich called in with literally one minute to spare at the end of the show to tell us about it, and urged us all to call our representatives with our support. This is our LAST chance to avoid shutting the door on single payer. It really is that important.


Rep. Dennis Kucinich will propose a crucial amendment today for single-payer healthcare and we urgently need you to make a few calls to key Democrats:

The Kucinich Amendment would let individual states create single-payer healthcare systems even if Congress fails to create a nationwide single-payer system.

That's exactly how Canada evolved towards single-payer: one province at a time. Given the corporate-funded resistance to single-payer in Congress, the U.S. may have to follow the Canadian path.

Progressive activists in California and Pennsylvania are leading the way for single-payer systems and the Kucinich Amendment would remove the legal roadblocks they face.

The fate of the Kucinich Amendment rests in the hands of Democrats on the House Education and Labor Subcommittee: Robert Andrews, Yvette Clarke, Joe Courtney, Marcia Fudge, Phil Hare, Rush Holt, Dale Kildee, Dave Loebsack, Carolyn McCarthy, Joe Sestak, John Tierney, and David Wu.

You can call all of them at once for free here:

Type in your phone number at the bottom and press "Start Calling," and CauseCaller will connect you to each of the relevant offices. It's efficient and fun. Please do it now:

More later... and don't forget to join me tonight on Air America from 11pm-1am ET.
Thanks for listening... radio or not!


Michael said...

I listen to Thom daily. I thought I hit the wrong preset for the start of his show when I heard you in his place. I have to say, you did a GREAT job Miss Sandler. I was so impressed, I'm signing up for your Foneshow. I was the caller that was the truck driver that had gallbladder surgery last week. You're fantastic, keep up the good work, you're not alone!! Mike

Kate Anne said...

Haven't heard you in a while and much enjoyed your subbing for Thom. I'm now following you on Twitter and plan to follow this blog, too.

Did I hear you correctly, that you regard the current U.S. insurance situation as "government sanctioned extortion"? How apt, but I would love the direct quotation!

Peace hugs from NYC!

RadioOrNot said...

Thanks for the kind comments! I had a great time today.

Kate Anne, yes... I've said it many times and I truly believe that the for profit health insurance industry in this country is tantamount to government sanctioned extortion. Perhaps I'll go into greater detail and explain my reasoning tonight on my Air America shoe.