Friday, September 12, 2008

Sarah speaks, unscripted, sort of!

Click here to listen to today's episode of Radio Or Not (runtime 35:25)

Last night, we got to hear the first interview given by Sarah Palin since she was named John McCain's running mate. And she did not disappoint, those of us who know she's a phony, that is!

First, let me say that there was not a moment of sincerity in that entire interview. She really knew, without blinking, when John McCain asked to be his running mate that she'd accept? No consideration to the fact that she supposedly just gave birth to a special needs child, and has a pregnant teenager at home-- both of whom might need extra attention in the coming years No discussion with her husband or family? Somehow, this is either quite disingenuous, or just the words of a complete opportunist who doesn't give a damn about her family.

Then, her complete lack of understanding about foreign policy was also unmistakable. She's obviously a quick study, but there's only so much learnin' a person can do in a week.

On today's program, we listen to the whole thing and, again, I let my stream of consciousness run through.

Today's show also features the first call-in to Radio Or Not! Adam from Hollywood did as I suggested (just look on the right-hand side of this page for instructions) and called in yesterday as I was working in my studio. I recorded our conversation and played it back on today's show. You can do it too... Just not today, as I'm getting out of here early to go see Joe Garcia and former Governor and Senator Bob Graham.

If you're in South Florida, come hear two of Florida's treasures beginning at 11:30 this morning at Miami Dade College Kendall Campus, Room K413. Visit for more info on the event, and why we need Joe to win the Congressional seat that Mario Diaz Balart has occupied for way too long.

I'll leave you with some fun for your Friday. If you scroll down a few entries, you'll see a video spoofing McCain and Palin. Here's another one, this one featuring actress Gina Gershon as the woman who wants to be VP....

Click here to listen to today's episode of Radio Or Not (runtime 35:25)


MikeEmm said...

She doesn't presume to know what God wants but she supports a president that talks to God. Amazing! Her son going to war as a hero...she isn't sending her son anywhere but there is other motivation.

Bryain Miami said...

Hi Nicole,

Maybe I'm being lulled into a false sense of security, but after watching these two interviews, I'm not all that afraid of Sarah Palin anymore. She's making it clearer by the day that she is woefully out of her league, and it would almost make me sad if not for the fact that:
She and her running mate are a pair of liars that think we're stupid.

On another note: John McCain recently got his fifth and sixth PANTS ON FIRE rating for comments on So far, Senator Obama has recieved none.

Interestingly, Biden has two PANTS ON FIRE, although I would certainly defend the truthfulness of both assertions.

Love ya Nicle!

Anonymous said...

Bryain, I think you're right. After her interview last night - I didn't watch tonight - I think a lot of people were finally waking up to what a nightmare it would be if McCain/Palin got in. They are both pathological liars. Nothing different from Bush/Cheney in that regard. What's really disgusting to me at this point is we're basically broke and Iraq now has $79 billion in their treasury. We're spending $12 billion per month to protect the USA oil mega-corps. interests, while they've been frantically trying to work out their long-term oil deals with Iraq. Finally looked like they had them finalized - Bush announces success in Iraq, because of the surge - and now Keith Olbermann said tonight that Iraq cancelled the deals with the USA mega-corps. AND has now made a deal with CHINESE PETROLEUM. Some Bush legacy, huh? I wonder how much longer McCain will stick to his campaign crap about staying in Iraq, now that we're going to be there to protect the oil interests for CHINESE PETROLEUM. D.R.

MikeEmm said...

I am not sure we have a choice in protecting them or not. China seems to own enough of us to be able to dictate what our military does.

Anonymous said...

Really sickening. D.R.

Anonymous said...

I have always owned pets and have found that there is a profound difference between pet owners and those who dislike animals. People that care for animals, without doubt, are more compassionate, than those that don’t. I don’t argue to be unbiased on this topic (My family includes a cat, a dog, and a parrot.
I was going to vote for Obama because I saw him as caring more about people than McCain, until I read that he doesn’t own a single pet. I feel sorry for those little girls who are missing serious lessons of unrequited love and responsibility for those creatures that need our assistance for survival and happiness. I also found out that his brother in Africa is living on ONE dollar a month. I see these two facts as evidence that whatever compassion he may exude is false and manufactured for his ambition.
I also found out that “The McCain family shelters four cats, three dogs—two mini-Dobermans and a springer spaniel—three parakeets, two snakes, one rabbit, one turtle, one hamster, one mouse, one iguana, one gecko, and 13 fish. In summer 2000, the family also cared for one orphan jackrabbit and one iguana egg (courtesy of the McCain iguana, Henrietta).”(
This may seem a stupid reason for changing my vote (especially to those that don’t own pets), but it has been my life’s experience to expect more understanding and compassion from pet owners.

Anonymous said...

I understand your feeling about pets, as I've personally had 2 horses, 5 dogs, 3 cats, 4 parakeets, and numerous fish over the years. They take a lot of time, love and compassion. But at the same time, even though my job has kept me pretty busy over the years, ranging from 25 to 100 or so hours per week, I imagine Barack and Michelle Obama's lives have been extremely busy with everything they've accomplished at this point in their lives and sincerely want to accomplish for the people of this country. From what I saw of their two beautiful girls, they seem to have raised them with a lot of love and compassion. It's true, they don't have pets, but I'm not so sure you should use having pets as your only yard stick, though, to show someone's true understanding and compassion. Dick Cheney has two labrador retrievers, Jackson & Dave; George W. Bush had one dog, Spot, and three cats, India, Cowboy and Ernie, when he was governor of Texas. Barney's been the White House Dog. Understanding? Compassion? I still cannot get the image of John McCain and George W. Bush and the Birthday Cake, out west, 8/29/05, while the citizens of New Orleans were suffering the aftermath of Katrina and the massive flooding, with the hundreds of corpses in the streets. Please look into the voting record of Barack Obama and John McCain to see whose compassion and understanding is real and whose is a myth. D.R.