Thursday, July 30, 2009

Single Payer Day

**Updated to add links to listen to the interviews**

Today is the 44th anniversary of Medicare, and thousands of people showed up at a rally today in Washington D.C. to tell Congress that we should all be able to buy into the same health care system they're in.

Medicare is a single payer, government run health care system that operates on a not-for-profit basis. It works. And if we could all participate in it, we'd be a much healthier country, in every sense of the word.

Tonight, we've got a full slate of guests lined up for my Air America radio program!

We'll hear from my activist guru, David Swanson, of,, and lots of other progressive organizations. He was at the rally today, and at the party celebrating the 5th anniversary of Progressive Democrats of America tonight, but took a few moments to give us a recap of what happened today, where we stand on health care legislation, and what we need to do to convince our elected officials to do the right thing! (Click here to listen to our conversation and hear what David Swanson had to say)

We'll hear from Dr. David Scheiner who was, for 22 years, Barack Obama's personal physician. Dr. Scheiner is a staunch single payer advocate who spoke at today's rally, and will join us tonight to tell us why he thinks single payer, or "Medicare for all" is the way to go. (Listen to my conversation with Dr. Scheiner by clicking here)

Howie Klein, who blogs at, will join us live to talk about the health care fight. He just returned from a month in Asia where his reading helped put this fight into historical perspective, which he'll share with us tonight. Hear our conversation by clicking here.

Richard Wolffe, MSNBC contributor -and guest-host tonight of "Countdown"-, and author of "Renegade: The Making of a President" will also speak with me. (Click here to listen to that interview.)

And Christy Harvey will be with us from the Center for American Progress, to kick off the show with some of the news stories that we might have otherwise missed. Click here to listen

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